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Kari Cannistraro of OvidiOart creates customized murals and faux finishes that coordinate and enhance fine homes around the Washington D.C. area. Her canvases range from walls, ceilings, and floors. Some were commissioned and others sprang from her experiences living and studying in Italy for 5 years. Her Middle Eastern and African childhood experiences also find their way into her imaginative paintings. She has been commended in various public forums, including The Washington Post and the Reston Connection newspapers, for her outstanding contributions in furthering the idea of integrating art into one’s home and life.  She creates an environment that establishes an ambiance at one with the style or period of the home,  a peaceful place to reflect, or a dramatic statement that conjures images of another time or place.

 Murals and trompe l’oeil compositions are painted directly on the walls or created in her studio on panels that she installs.  After listening to the clients’ desires, Kari provides sketches or faux finishing samples and coordinates closely before commencing her work. Her caring attitude, flexibility and inspired original thinking contributes to the richness and novelty of her work.  Clients, home-based or commercial, and interior designers have come to realize any size or theme challenge is happily produced.          


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